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One of the latest fashion trends we are noticing for the start of spring and summer is patches and embroidered jackets. From varsity style coats to light weight denim, retailers are starting to stock their racks with pieces that have embellishments from simple patches to elaborate floral embroidery.

Straight from the runway, designers have dusted-off this decade’s old trend and have been applying patches to everything from sweaters, pants, backpacks, purses – literally everything! Fast fashion retailers have taken their cues from the luxury market, as they often do, and have put their spin on the designer trend.

Our pro-tip is to not over-spend on this trend. While we love the extra flare patches and embroidery can add to an outfit, we don’t think this trend will be around for too long after this year or next and as we’ve seen with the fashions from the 80’s/90’s, patch work can quickly get out of control.

Gucci denim coat -$4000

While there are luxury options, such as the $4000 denim number from Gucci, not everyone has that kind of coin to drop on buy-now-where-now fashion statement. To get the look without breaking the bank, we recommend picking up some patches or buttons, The Drake General Store has some great options, as does CryWolf. Add these to a jacket that’s been sitting in the back of your closet for a fresh updated look.

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