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Tell me about yourself
I’m the owner and director of fashion distribution company, Ben & Boule Trading. Our company represents many up-and-coming and established fashion and accessory brands in Canada, operating out of Montreal, with showrooms in Toronto and Vancouver. I’ve always been entrepreneurial since I was a child, with a keen eye for fashion, so starting this company nine years ago only seemed natural to me. I also really enjoy sports (mainly soccer and basketball) and probably would have pursued one of these as a career if it weren’t for my company.

What inspired you to start distributing fashion brands?
Ben & Boule Trading first started when I picked up my friend Boule from a trip to Vietnam. I was very amazed by all the fashion brands and the forward style in Asia that you could not find in Canada at that time. I felt a wave of excitement and almost obligation to make what I had seen accessible to the Canadian market. I not only wanted to wear this clothing, but also wanted to make these brands and styles available to friends and consumers in this market. This is when I knew I was on to something big!
After a couple months of planning, my company was born and I held the North American distribution rights to its first brand – Marshall Artist. We now house over 15 brands in Canada, including NICCE London, Miansai, Publish Brand and more. There are also some amazing projects coming down the pipeline which I can’t share yet so you’ll have to check back!

How do you choose your brands?
The brands I represent cover everything from men’s to women’s, up-and-coming to established and streetwear to feminine. They’re also from all over the world, with Olivia Burton coming from London, KOMONO coming from Belgium, Publish Brand coming from LA, and more, giving an overview of relevant and staple fashion. I choose my brands based on what I feel is missing in the Canadian market so the brands don’t necessarily overlap and they’re able to sit side by side in all retail locations. However, they do compliment each other. For example, I can definitely see a great look for a woman being head-to-toe Publish hers with KOMONO sunglasses and Miansai jewellery.

What products are you currently using right now?
Definitely high-end streetwear brand Daniel Patrick. Long trailing tees, raw wedges and crazy drop silhouettes are sure to make a statement and I’ve been obsessed with his stuff this season! I’m also a big fan of Publish Brand and Miansai. Casual, cool and contemporary.

What is your favourite wardrobe piece at the moment?
Miansai’s sterling silver screwcuff.



Where can we find your products?
You can find Publish, Miansai and Olivia Burton at Hudson’s Bay. KOMONO is available at Spareparts. NICCE is available at Simons. Daniel Patrick can be found at TNT and Simons.

What music are you currently jamming to while you work?

As we speak XXXTENTACION’s new album haha!

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