Designed By Beely

This week, we wanted to highlight a collection by up and coming designer Beely Huang, a self-taught designer based in Toronto. Beely started her label “Designed by Beely” in 2016 and debuted at Vancouver Fashion Week.

About Designed By Beely

After graduating with a degree in Education, Beely began a career teaching in various remote places in Canada, including the Arctic. Surrounded by solitude and nature in its purest forms, she came to value the powerful beauty in austerity. It was during these years that Beely began to develop her style. She is drawn to the understated, and interested in the ‘imperfections’ and unexpected features found within the unassuming and often overlooked – these challenge her to give bold voices to the simplistic. The combination of timeless, pared-down aesthetics with distinct features are the signature of this label.

Designed by Beely also features an exclusive collection of handmade sustainable fur accessories, inspired by the Arctic lifestyle of surviving off the land she experienced while living in Nunavut. Her line of custom sustainable Nunavut seal fur mittens entails traditional hand-sewing techniques for quality craftsmanship.

Grayce Yuen

Grayce is a seasoned writer with a love for make-up, succulents, dessert and adorable toy poodles. Originally from Calgary, Grayce now calls Toronto home. Follow her on Instagram @moussetaco for all things food.


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