Transitional Pieces for your Wardrobe

Even the most seasoned of style mavens can have a hard time during what we call “transitional fashion weather”.

That dreaded transition between the temperature drops of winter, and just before the melting thaw of spring. The weather can be harsh and unpredictable, regardless of which side of the 0 °c the thermometer is hovering over.

Everyone has had “that” fashion moment. Dressed and ready to go, and what you have on seems appropriate for the weather right now. Then, about somewhere half-way through your workday, the temperature suddenly starts to rise. The first bead of sweat makes an appearance.

It’s at these moments that transitional pieces are worth their weight in gold! Dressing for the weather doesn’t have to be a daunting task, and we’ve picked four of our fashion favourites for those in-between-season moments. Most of the items on the list can be easily removed if the weather gets warm, or can be left in your car or your office desk drawer in case of weather fluctuations.

The leather-look leggings

Leather leggings have become very popular in recent years and we’re not surprised! A truly versatile wardrobe piece, today’s modern take on leather leggings can add sophistication and drama to even the simplest outfit. For a more relaxed look, try an oversized sweater with leather leggings and a few simple accessories. For a more polished, work-appropriate look try a silk top and knit overcoat.

We love these leather leggings from Dynamite. The complimentary high-rise fit is very in-style, and is a great option if you want to try the tucked in look as shown in the photo. The tie-up detail in the back is tasteful and adds an extra touch of luxe to the outfit.

Dynamite Leather Leggings


The denim jacket

A good denim jacket should have a home in everyone’s closet. A perfect layering piece that can be utilized throughout the year. It can be worn on its own or layered for warmth with a hooded sweatshirt or knit cardigan.

We were out and found this Levi’s X HBC denim jacket. While the lining may make it a little too hot to be year-round outerwear, we think the added warmth of HBC’s iconic stripe lining, makes this a great example of a transitional outerwear piece.


Levis HBC Denim Jacket


The girlfriend jean

Jeans are probably the most functional staple of anyone’s wardrobe. We like the distressed look of these girlfriend jeans from Garage. The detailing will actually help keep you cooler on warm days, while offering enough warmth when your skirts or shorts are still unable to make an appearance.

A tip from one of our closest girlfriend is to roll a pair of leggings into her purse. That way, if the temperature drops, she can put the leggings on underneath the jeans. You get the warmth without sacrificing the look. For an extra style detail, you can choose leggings that are patterned (or even textured) to wear underneath.

Dynamite Girlfriend Jean

The waterproof shoe

Walking through slush and mud is any shoe fanatics worst nightmare! For decades, choosing between stylish footwear or a clunky rain boot, was a serious fashion dilemma. With the help of new technology, designers have been able to put an end to this fashion-over-function debate.

We love these waterproof, statement-making boots from Sorel. It has a sturdy heel and platform, shearling lining, and the contrast between the leather upper and rubber heel is super appealing.

Sorel woman's Dacie Bootie



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